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Creating a more resilient global supply chain.

Craft is on a mission to create a more resilient global supply chain by creating the leading supplier intelligence platform that helps supply chain and procurement professionals discover, evaluate, and monitor suppliers. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, government entities, and top military agencies.



Craft provides organizations with the 360-degree visibility, timely insights, and agility needed to mitigate risk and build stronger supplier networks and more resilient supply chains.

Key Solutions:

Supplier Intelligence - Ideal for procurement and due diligence:

Conduct checks of direct and indirect suppliers in hours instead of weeks with comprehensive supplier intelligence you can trust. No more questionable data and wasting hours on endless Google searches.

Craft's easy-to-use platform gives you:

  • Holistic company profiles
  • Side-by-side supplier comparisons
  • Advanced search with over 25 filters
  • Portfolio check for evaluating a set of suppliers
  • Collaboration workspace
  • Case management

Supplier Risk Management - Ideal for procurement and supply chain:

Understand potential threats and disruption to your supply chain with real- time alerts and deep insights into your suppliers. Craft's easily configurable Supplier Risk Management platform can help you prioritize threats based on their impact on your business so you can focus on what's the most important and take action.

You get:

  • Risk Hub, a centralized view of high-risk suppliers
  • Real-time alerts and industry benchmarks
  • Advanced alerts configurable to your business
  • ++Plus everything in Supplier Intelligence

Supply Chain Risk Management - Ideal for supply chain and collaboration with procurement:

Prevent disruption with multi-tier supplier intelligence, customizable alerts, and integrated collaboration tools. Our most comprehensive solution, Supply Chain Risk Management expands your visibility beyond your direct suppliers to uncover potential risks and dependencies throughout your entire multi-tier supply chain.

Craft's easy-to-use platform gives you:

  • Risk Hub, a centralized view of high-risk suppliers
  • Multi-tier mapping for supplier network visibility
  • Contextualized intelligence to show dependencies
  • Impact assessment leveraging your operational data
  • ++Plus everything in Supplier Intelligence

Risk Categories:

Get a complete picture of supplier health with over 500 data points across crucial risk categories

  • Cybersecurity:

    Risk scores make it easy to understand vulnerabilities in your supply chain and collaboration with procurement, compliance, and IT to take action.

  • Environmental and Social Governance:

    Protect yourself from unethical and unsustainable practices in your supply chain with accurate ESG data about your vendors.

  • Financial:

    Avoid supply chain instability and disruption by understanding the ongoing financial health of your suppliers.

  • Geopolitical:

    Safeguard your supply chain against foreign influence, IP theft, and disruption from geopolitical tension.

  • Operational

  • Regulatory & Compliance:

    Navigate complex global regulations successfully, avoid fines, and ensure compliance with timely AI-driven insights, customizable alerts, and robust tracking tools.




The roles of procurement and supplier management are getting increasingly complex with global supply chain disruptions, risk management, cost control, sustainability, compliance, geopolitical issues, and economic uncertainties. Technology, collaboration, and intelligence are essential to enhance the resilience and efficiency of the procurement processes and supply chain as a whole.

Strengthen your supplier networks and prevent disruption with Craft’s flexible, easy-to-use platform.


Superior Data Fabric

Reliable supplier data fabric is critical for procurement and supply chain management


Quickly act on insights with integrated collaboration tools

User Friendly

Easy to use platform configured to your needs



Customer References

“Craft has been a transformative ally for TSB, and has empowered us to elevate supplier risk monitoring. Craft enables us to construct a comprehensive understanding of risk, and enhances our ability to navigate supplier risks efficiently, reinforcing our commitment to robust risk management in the dynamic financial landscape.” “There are plenty of tools on the market, but we chose Craft because it provides an easy to use supplier intelligence portal. In procurement you want to know as much as possible about your business partners. The tool gives full profiles of our suppliers, with daily alerts, and it is always learning what is important for us as a company. Craft gives us quantitative, objective KPIs for each supplier. ” “Craft has been a key partner as we revolutionize our approach to risk and resilience at the Department of Defense. Moreover, Craft has been instrumental in centralizing crucial company intelligence and due diligence, fostering a new era of collaboration within our ranks through centralized commenting, threading, and documentation.”
TSB Julia Fining,
Head of Procurement Excellence,
Department of Defense


Selected Customers

Capabilities - Level 1

Data, Analytics & Visualisation Third-Party Risk Management

Capabilities - Level 2

Enrichments Market Intelligence Supplier Information Management Supply Chain Insights


Aerospace & Defence Financial Services Industrial Manufacturing Public & Social Sector

Team Size

C. 51-200 employees


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