About ChemAnalyst

ChemAnalyst provides real-time price trend and market intelligence for over 300+ Chemical & Petrochemical products.

ChemAnalyst is a digital platform, which keeps a real-time eye on the chemicals and petrochemicals market fluctuations, thus, enabling its customers to make wise business decisions. With over 250 chemical products traded globally, ChemAnalyst brings detailed market information and pricing data at your fingertips. 
Their real-time pricing and commentary updates enable users to stay acquainted with new commercial opportunities. Each day, they flash the major happenings around the globe in our news section. Their market analysis section takes it a step further, offering an in-depth evaluation of over 15 parameters including capacity, production, supply, demand gap, company share and among others. 
Their team of experts analyse the factors influencing the market and forecast the market data for up to the next 10 years. 

Founded in 2010.

Capabilities - Level 1

Data, Analytics & Visualisation

Capabilities - Level 2

Analytics Market Intelligence Price Indices Supply Chain Insights



Team Size

B. 11-50 employees


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