Future Of Decision Intelligence In Procurement


Welcome to the ProcureTech x Levadata Future Of Decision Intelligence In Procurement SOURCE Experience, where we delve into the transformative impact of data-driven intelligence in procurement. Within a landscape of escalating supplier and procurement challenges, this experience sheds light on the shift from traditional procurement focuses towards resilience, innovation, and cost management through data-driven decision-making.  


Uncover insights from global procurement leaders and explore the evolving priorities in procurement, where decision intelligence, powered by advanced data insights and technology, is becoming increasingly crucial for navigating the complexities of the modern supply chain. Join us as we explore the key drivers, investments, and trends shaping the future of procurement, empowering professionals to unlock the power of data for strategic decision-making and operational excellence. 

6 Modules

Data-Driven Intelligence: Empowering Procurement

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New Ways of Working

The Path to Data-Driven Decision Intelligence

Data Aggregation, Visualisation, Analysis and Intelligence

Organisational Approaches & Trends

Decision Intelligence Manifesto

What you'll learn

  • The primary drivers for procurement’s data-driven decision intelligence investments
  • How data is fostering greater procurement resilience
  • How data is improving the value of procurement
  • The procurement capabilities that are most dependent on third-party data sets
  • The most common areas of investment for data intelligence capabilities
  • What sets the highest- performing data intelligence leaders apart
  • The most commonly-cited challenges to data management acceleration
  • How adopting a more sophisticated approach to data - how it is gathered, understood and used to make decisions - will prove critical in procurement departments’ reconfigured priorities.